Casino Review

Have you ever wanted to travel to another planet? You could put on a spacesuit, climb the stairs to a spaceship, and take off for the stars. Does this sound like you? 

There is a perfect casino waiting for you in the stars — or, at least, in Australia. It is Planet 7 Oz Casino, and it will give you an experience that is out of this world. 

Haven’t heard of it? Let us give you a Planet 7 Oz Casino review.

About Planet 7 Oz casino

To start a Planet 7 Oz Casino review, you first need to know a little about the casino itself. Planet 7 Oz Casino has been around since 2017. The site caters to Aussie players, which is why its name is Planet 7 Oz. Oz, of course, is a name Australians have given their country. The Land Down Under is like no other nation for many reasons. It is a country, an island, and a continent.

The country has plant and animal life that does not exist anywhere else on Earth. Therefore, it makes sense that Australians need a gaming site made for them that has all their favourite games. Planet 7 Oz Casino is the perfect site to meet the needs of Australians. 

Planet 7 Oz Casino reviews start with the clean look of the casino site. No confusing buttons to push or strange graphics here. The site has a simple black-and-red palette, with yellow accents. No looking for the spot to download the app for your phone or tablet either.

It is easy to locate on the menu bar. You can quickly register to become a casino member. You can even choose to look at the promotions before you register, which is great. You will want to take advantage of all the generous bonuses the casino offers.

About the Games on the Site

There’s another reason so many Planet 7 Oz Casino reviews have been favourable. It is because of the casino’s graphics. Real Time Gaming (RTG) runs the casino. Gamers know RTG for its great graphic design, and that shows up here. RTG runs platforms for casinos all over the world. 

Of course, because Planet 7 Oz Casino is for Aussies, it has an amazing number of pokies. Australians play pokies more than any other game, so the casino offers a lot of pokies on its site. One of the best features about Planet 7 Oz Casino is the pokie view. You can see the current jackpots before you start to play. 

Depending on what kind of pokies you like, you will find a title to satisfy you. You can have your pick of pokies with Asian themes, superhero themes, or space themes. You will find one you will love. The pokies vary in type. Planet 7 Oz Casino offers the traditional three-reeled pokies. The casino also has the more complicated five- and six-reeled pokies and some 3-D pokies that will blow your mind. Because RTG is in charge, you need to have a look at the 3-D pokies. They will not disappoint you. 

In addition to the pokies, Planet 7 Oz Casino has excellent table games. There’s baccarat, which is a favourite game for gamblers from Asia. It takes skill to win. Planet 7 Oz Casino also offers many forms of blackjack. The casino offers simple blackjack and more complex forms, such as European blackjack. In fact, Planet 7 Oz Casino offers more forms of this fun card game than many other casinos in the market. 

The casino offers craps, roulette, pai gow, and keno as well. There are also some games that Planet 7 Oz Casino has that you would not expect. Examples of these include the exciting three-card rummy, Pontoon, and scratcher games, such as Treasure Tree. There are enough table games to choose from that you won’t be bored or disappointed in the selection. 

If you are into video poker, the casino has plenty of fun poker games as well. It has Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Stars and Stripes, Aces and Eights, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker and Seven’s Wild. If video poker is your game, the casino has plenty of games to satisfy your need for poker fun.

Bonuses and Matches

Looking for bonus action? Planet 7 Oz Casino has plenty of great bonuses. This is one casino that believes in rewarding its players. Are you a newcomer to the casino? Have you been playing at the casino for a while? No worries, there will be matches and bonuses for you. Planet 7 Oz Casino keeps up its tradition of an Aussie good time and Aussie rewards with a weekly bonus structure. Players who check in during the week and make a deposit get bonus matches, free games, or free spins. Planet 7 Oz Casino has a great welcome matching bonus structure as well. The casino offers you up to a 300 per cent match on your first deposit. Planet 7 Oz Casino runs a 100 per cent daily match bonus as well. This is rare for an online casino, especially for established players. 

Planet 7 Oz Casino has one more bonus you need to know about: The Feeling Lucky bonus. Any time you’re on the site, and you want to deposit money, you can use this bonus. This bonus allows you to match another offer on the site, with free spins and extra matches. There have been other offers like this at online casinos in the past. You would make a deposit and spin the wheel to see what your bonus is. The advantage of this casino’s plan is that you can make use of the Feeling Lucky bonus every day. This is a great way to reward frequent players

Deposits and Withdrawals

If you want to begin your gameplay at Planet 7 Oz Casino, you must make a deposit. The casino makes it fairly easy to do that. You can make a deposit using a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card. You can also make a deposit using bitcoin. With bitcoin, a deposit means you will be able to make deposits with more anonymity. Traditional methods do not allow anonymity of the depositor. The casino also accepts Neteller as a means of deposit. You need to be aware that some methods take a few minutes to become visible in your account. If you do not see the deposit credited to your account within 30 minutes, contact Customer Service. 

Planet 7 Oz Casino does allow cash deposits, but there are some regulations. You must limit your cash transactions to between $50 and $1350 per transaction. 

Withdrawals have regulations as well, mostly because of the banking and money regulations in Australia. First, there is a weekly limit on withdrawals of $2500 per week. You must request at least $100 to withdraw money because of processing fees. If you want to make a bank withdrawal, and do not see the money right away, do not panic. It takes a few days for the bank to process your withdrawal before you see it in your account. You can also request a withdrawal in bitcoin or through Neteller. The casino will mail you a physical check as well if you prefer.

No matter how you look at it, Planet 7 Oz Casino is the perfect gaming place. You can stop the grind of everyday life and get away from all your worries. Come by and visit Planet 7 Oz Casino today and celebrate a victory Aussie style.


If you’re playing and depositing money frequently at Planet 7 Oz Casino, you’ll need to enrol in its VIP program. Through this program, you get additional perks. These could include instant 300 per cent match bonuses on your deposits. You could also get free spins, exclusive games, specials each day only for VIP players, free chips, and deposit insurance. The casino truly knows how to reward its most important players.


Like nearly all the casinos with RTG software, security is important. The casino protects your personal information and your money through data security and encryption. With SSL 128-bit encryption, you know that your banking and credit card information is secure. Also, you may get hit with a ton of junk mail from other online casinos. However, Planet 7 Oz Casino won’t be one of them. The casino doesn’t sell your personal information to third parties. It’s important to the casino that all your personal information is safe, and that is very reassuring to customers.

Customer Service

Planet 7 Oz Casino has different ways that you can contact Customer Service. You can always call the customer service line to connect 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1-800-009-0061.

The casino also has a live chat feature, which is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can access the live chat feature from the website as well. If you want to e-mail customer service, here is the e-mail address: [email protected]